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Review by William Sinn,2009-12-04 16:51:43
Overall Rating: Features: Support: Reliability:
I tried several hosting companies before going with Certified hosting, and I am no longer looking, I've found a permanent home! Pricing is reasonable, features and services are way above average and the service - well, I think the only thing I can say is that the service is hands down the best I've experienced in the industry. Each and everyone of their reps has been knowledgeable, prompt, courteous and extremely helpful. What else can you say.

Review by martin underhill,2009-10-04 18:35:55
Overall Rating: Features: Support: Reliability:
Customer support is excellent, quick response to all my queries and problems.Reliable hosting at pretty reasonable rates.The features are great too. Would have no hesitation in recommending Certified Hosting to anyone.

Review by Mario,2009-08-09 01:24:43
Overall Rating: Features: Support: Reliability:
Excellent Service! You help me a lot and save my business life. I really hate my old host service. You are the best!

Review by Jim Elliott,2009-08-08 05:04:32
Overall Rating: Features: Support: Reliability:
I came to Certified Hosting after a bad experience with another company and with the exception of 1 niggle (the inability to access mySQL tables on a share server externally) I would say they are an excellent company. I have found their support really excellent and quite honestly have no problems with them. I have recommended them to others.

Review by Norman Descoteaux Jr,2009-08-02 21:54:29
Overall Rating: Features: Support: Reliability:
We left a top ten web hosting company with 2 years of nothing but headaches & decided to give Certified Hosting a try, After being with them now for over 45 days we are happy. We have got a network of over 25 sites of adult and non adult that we are going to move over to Certified. The customer support is excellent everything they tell us is right on the money and never been told the wrong thing. Plus these guys moved my databases and files and config them at no cost, Certified Hosting has do so much for me & my business. We are with them for long terms. Five stars all across the board for Certified Hosting. Highly Recommended

Review by sumpan,2009-07-26 07:07:32
Overall Rating: Features: Support: Reliability:
These guys are the best! Certified Hosting supports all scripts you want to install and they have the most greatest, friendliest, fastest help support team that I've known. A ten star - must switch if you are looking for a better hosting. I have my own domain name and it only cost me for the plan that I've choose. That's it, no extra setup fees! My site was up and running in less then 3 hours. And now they are upgrading to a larger and faster server (SWEET). Yes, There's no such thing that's unlimited - But you'll get more then what you're paying for! You must give them a try!

Review by Renna Ryann,2009-05-12 14:36:42
Overall Rating: Features: Support: Reliability:
Certified Hosting has gone above and beyond the call of duty for me. Hosting was simple to set up, they are very efficient and extremely affordable. I have two websites hosted and it only costs $15/month. One is a full functional membership site and whenever I have a problem or question their customer service is supreme. And you don't get a bunch of different people trying to help either so if you need technical help, they help and then if you have further questions you just call the same person you talked to. It's wonderful. They even helped me with questions about my website coding which isn't even their job. I am so greatful to have found certified hosting. Oh and where else can you find streaming video included? Even go daddy doesn't offer that. Certified Hosting is the best! Try them and you will be more than satisfied!! I am trying to give them all 5 stars for everything but it's not registering properly so ignore that and just sign up today!

Review by Bruce Vang,2009-05-10 03:51:16
Overall Rating: Features: Support: Reliability:
I would like to say that I am very happy to have found certified hosting. I recently transfered to certified hosting from another web hosting company that charged me $3 a month. I thought the monthly fee was a steal and that was exactly what it was. Their servers were always at 100% and they blamed it on me. They recently upgraded their disk space and my website crashed and they did not take responsiblity. They guaranteed a 100% uptime and yet my website was always down 60% of the time, making me lose money. In the end, I paid less money but made even less money from my website due to the reoccuring downtimes. When I found certified hosting, I was skeptical of the price compared to what I was used to ($3/month). However, I found certified hosting to have the BEST customer service even for non members. Before I signed up with certified hosting, I discussed thoroughly with the tech support the hosting plan that would best fit for my needs. After I signed up with certified hosting, it only took 3 hours on a weekend to redirect my dns to certified hosting, which was a plus compared to my old hosting which took two days. I recently had problems playing videos from my video script. I asked tech support to help me and they delegated some very smart technians to work on the script right away to solve the problem. During their progress on working on my script, I constantly recieved email updates on their progress in a short 2 hour time span. The Next day, I woke up and my videos on my video script worked perfectly, something I thought was impossible with the hosting settings. With my short 2 months with certified hosting, I have found their hosting services to be extremely reliable and their tech support are the best in the business. They accomodated for my every needs and Their web hosting service is worth every penny of the $10.00 monthly hosting fee and their customer service is something that money cannot buy. I felt so bad when their tech support team fixed my script at no extra costs at all and I wish I can show my appreciation. Overall, I am extremely proud to make the move to certified hosting and it was the best decision that I have made in 2009.

Review by Tanjil Kamal,2009-04-21 16:05:29
Overall Rating: Features: Support: Reliability:
Great customer service, quick reply, very helpful staff!

Review by Ronnie Jackson,2009-03-16 17:41:55
Overall Rating: Features: Support: Reliability:
We LOVE Certified Hosting! They enable to us provide hosting for roller derby leagues and are always helpful with setting them up. We can't thank them enough for all they do for Via!

Review by Steve Martinez,2009-03-16 17:34:30
Overall Rating: Features: Support: Reliability:
Certified Hosting has always been there for our company. They are always willing to help out my staff with anything they need. I highly recommend to anyone shopping around for hosting.

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